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First, in order to optimize your approach, you must ask yourself, who is your property for? Be precise! Would it be perfect for a small family or for a couple of professionals without children? Through his knowledge of the market, the real estate broker will help the seller to better target the type of ideal buyer. “Pleasing everyone is not the most effective way to find a buyer,” points out Guillaume Boily, real estate broker at Remax 1er Choix, working with Andréa Côté. Then establish the strengths and weaknesses of your house, emphasizing the former of course. For example, your street is busy, but your property is very interesting. So you will focus on the interior finish without dwelling on the location.

What is your category?

You also need to know what category your home is in to better present it to buyers. According to Mr. Boily, there are mainly three: the first targets renovation projects. We could talk about a house from the 80s that has not had a renovation or too much maintenance. The second is a dwelling in need of upgrades: “It is a residence in good condition, there has been a lot of maintenance over the years, but the bathroom is original and the floors are still in parquetry”, illustrates Mr. Boily.

Finally, there is the turnkey house. It is not necessarily a new construction, but it does not need maintenance or renovation. For example, it may have been completely renovated in the last ten years. Once your category is determined, the buyer knows more about what to expect: will he have to undertake major renovations or just small additions? It is perhaps the turnkey aspect that interests him… You must clearly present your type of house to him.


As soon as he sets foot in your home, the prospective buyer must make it his own: “He must imagine himself living in your house when he visits it,” recalls Mr. Boily. He adds that it must be depersonalized while maintaining a lively appeal. We don’t want to arrive in a place that seems uninhabited either… Here are some subtle gestures that you can easily take: first put away your exhibition of family photos that line the walls. Your interior must be neutral, allowing the person to better visualize themselves, as if they were already at home! Put the dog’s bowl in a closet and don’t leave children’s toys lying around. Also remove the decoration too busy, in the flashy style, or the massive furniture well filled, like your dresser lined with porcelain in varied and vibrant colors. “When you have too many elements, you can take away the imagination of buyers who visit the house,” says Mr. Boily.

A little coat of paint

Changing the paint remains the least expensive and most advantageous modification. Do you have a beautiful kitchen with wooden cabinets? Unfortunately, faded yellow or pale old green on the walls really doesn’t do this room justice… Choose a color that will bring out the various attention-grabbing elements.

For the buyer, the first contact is generally made on the Net via the photos of your house. A simple glance will determine whether or not he wishes to visit it… Sometimes all it takes is a new paint on the walls to provide beautiful images!

A clean and accessible site

People also travel to observe the property before an official visit. They want to see what it really looks like and above all, if it is well maintained. In summer, if you have to wash siding, windows and gutters, don’t wait and do it! Carefully mow, pamper your flower bed and pick up bikes that clog the driveway. During the winter, remove snow and clear the driveway properly: the buyer must not slip on the icy steps. Nor should he sink into the snow to gain access to the house. “A good maintenance of the exterior suggests that the interior will also be well maintained,” explains Mr. Boily. You will be able to attract the buyer to your house!

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