How to attract as many potential buyers as possible?

To sell your property as quickly as possible and at the best price , it is better to put the odds on your side. And luckily, include among others, home-staging . A principle more and more popular to trigger the crush with future buyers and therefore which will trigger a sale .

Why do home staging?

Literally the art of staging your property , home-staging is a way to promote the sale of your property . Increasingly recommended, the technique consists of making your property attractive to as many people as possible without carrying out costly and time-consuming work.

6 keys to successful home-staging

1. Declutter the premises

We have an annoying tendency to accumulate objects and trinkets of all kinds. However, these objects that we cherish so much, stifle the space and prevent visitors from projecting themselves and thus from realizing the m² available. So before the visits, we put everything in the boxes and we put away everything that exceeds (shoes in the entrance, pile of laundry, scattered toys… everything must disappear). Above all, we favor housing with a minimalist decoration .

2. One part = one function

A part-office, part-dressing room, part-laundry room never gives a good impression. This implies that the property lacks space. The idea here is, by defining one function per room, to show future buyers that the property has all the necessary space . Visitors will come to better imagine how they would like to set up their business.

3.Make your property shine

It is difficult to project yourself into a property when you notice a few imperfections : peeling paint, possible cracks, moldy bathroom joints… The visitor will have the impression that the accommodation is not healthy and that many works will be to plan before having a cozy nest. So, do not hesitate to abuse the elbow grease especially in the kitchen and in the bathroom : no more stains of grease and limestone should show up. These are pieces for which future buyers are attentive . Your accommodation must be perfect!

4.Harmonize the places

Make sure that the rooms are in harmony with each other: colors, materials, style or decoration. No need to get attached to the decorative trend of the moment, simplicity will be your best ally . This will make the visit more pleasant for future buyers and the more visitors will feel at ease, the more likely you will be to fall in love.

5.Be neutral and depersonalize

Tastes and colors, an eternal debate! While some will favor colors in all rooms of the house, others will prefer a softer atmosphere. So to captivate the eye of as many potential buyers as possible, it is advisable to bet on neutral colors and remove any personal items (photos for example). White will allow you to get everyone to agree and the future buyer can easily repaint with the color of his choice.

6.Highlight assets

Like any accommodation, it has qualities and small defects. The objective here is not to “hide misery” but to transform these small defects to make them forget: mirrors to enlarge a room, carpet to seal the space, beautiful lights for badly exposed rooms… In short , the tricks are numerous and the decoration magazines are full of them.

What are real estate prices at the moment?

Prices are slowing down. Interest rates are rising. What trends for the coming months.?Read the analysis.Who to contact for a sparkling home-staging?

Three options are available to you to catch the eye of future buyers thanks to home-staging:

A handyman at heart, you can of course start carrying out the work yourself . A less expensive but equally effective solution. Beware, however, of the finishes, which must be perfect!

Contact real estate agencies that offer this service. A good compromise, if you do not want to multiply the interlocutors.

Use interior decorators specializing in home-staging . Specialized in the field, they will know exactly what to do to optimize the space and meet the expectations of as many people as possible. An ideal option for all those who lack time but which will necessarily be more expensive.

Less is more ! As we told you at the beginning of the article, the objective of home-staging is to promote a sale thanks to a revaluation of the property without breaking the piggy bank. Many tips on decoration sites or on social networks can guide you to give a boost to your interior with little.

Before you start: request and compare your quotes online .

To help you, atHome puts you in touch with Luxembourg artisans . In a few clicks choose the type of work you want to do, fill out the form and then receive quotes. It’s simple, quick and stress-free!

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