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Cleaning your windows often turns out to be a real chore that is often postponed until the last moment. And it must be admitted that even once launched, one can very quickly become discouraged because of the many traces that remain after the passage of the cloth. However, there is nothing like entering a room in which the windows and mirrors are all clean and sparkling! To give you a little courage and above all to offer you an impeccable result, the editorial staff offers you its 32 grandmother’s tips that are effective and easy to perform for cleaning your windows.

The panes of bay windows and windows in your living room are full of fingerprints (fingerprints, thank you children, and water, thank you rain) and give your room a cra-cra look as soon as you enter it? It’s time to clean them up! And if you no longer have any specific liquid for cleaning the windows in your bucket of household products, above all, stay at home: there is indeed no need to run to the local supermarket to buy expensive products full of chemical agents of all kinds, because you probably already have something to do in the cupboards of your house!

The proof: if you have a bottle of white vinegar in your kitchen , you already have enough to clean and shine your windows! Yes: in addition to being a real household ally in all rooms of the house (ideal for example to descale a kettle, clean copper objects or shine bathroom taps), white vinegar is also be the ideal product to clean your windows. It would therefore be a shame to prefer more expensive household products, and not necessarily more effective!

To clean and shine your windows with white vinegar , it’s very simple: mix 750 ml of lukewarm water with 250 ml of white vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray the product on your windows, then clean with a sponge before wiping with a normal cloth without rinsing. The result is flawless!

Tip n°2: clean your windows with newspaper

At home, do you have the reflex to systematically throw away your newspaper after reading it? Mistake ! Although many people are unaware of it, the newspaper proves to be an excellent cleaner for glass and windows… and this at an unbeatable price as well. Indeed, unlike conventional rags, newspaper is very absorbent, and it has the advantage of not leaving any lint on the windows when you rub them with it. Smart no?

To use it to clean your bay windows and other windows (but also the door of your oven or the door of your fireplace insert, it also works), it’s simple: just wet your windows slightly then rub with the newspaper that you have previously crumpled. The result is simply stunning! The icing on the cake: the lead contained in the printing inks will also restore your windows to their full shine. Who says better frankly?

Note : for the result to be truly optimal and for your windows to be clean, be sure to use fairly thick, good quality newspaper.

Tip n°3: clean your windows with dishwashing liquid

Your adorable darlings love to put their little fingers on your windows… which therefore very often end up full of traces? You have three solutions: the first is to ask your young children to be careful, and not to put their hands on the windows at home because it is not clean. Rather utopian. The second is to put on gloves for your children as soon as they enter a room with a bay window or windows. A little radical.

The third solution is fortunately easier to implement, since it only uses a product that you certainly already have on hand, placed on your kitchen sink: dishwashing liquid! Logic: thanks to its cleaning and degreasing properties, dishwashing liquid can be used to scour your bowls and plates as well as to clean and shine the windows of your interior.

Here’s how to do it: dilute a small amount in hot water, add a teaspoon of white vinegar and mix everything in a spray bottle. Spray the product on your dirty windows, clean by rubbing with a small sponge and rinse thoroughly with water before drying with a soft, clean cloth. Guaranteed streak-free windows!

Tip n°4: clean your windows with lemon juice

If there is one fruit that always takes pride of place in the fruit basket or the kitchen refrigerator, it is the lemon . Yes but… did you know that in addition to allowing you to make delicious pies and other sweet preparations, the lemon was a fruit that could also be used for cleaning? Indeed, in a house this small acid fruit can also be used to clean, whiten, detach, descale, degrease , deodorize, disinfect or even sanitize. It is not for nothing if, like white vinegar or baking soda, lemon is one of the star products of natural, ecological and economical cleaning.

To clean your windows with lemon , operate a bit like with white vinegar: mix freshly squeezed lemon juice with hot water, then soak a ball of newspaper with your composition and rub your windows. You don’t even need to rinse or wipe down afterwards!

Tip n°5: clean your windows with Blanc de Meudon

In addition to being full of ugly traces, the windows of your living room lack luster and are all dull as a result of the passage of time? Don’t panic, there is a miracle product that will allow you to both clean them and restore their former glory: this is Meudon white , also known as calcium carbonate , and which is ideal for cleaning and shining just about everything in the house!

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